At this moment I realized my 93 inch bird started to drift out to sea. I said to myself  “did I really spend $50 to become Huckleberry Finn?”



Consciously Schlepping

Consciously Schlepping


My first experience traveling as a new dad was quite a circus show. Our “pre-baby” life of hopping on a plane with just one carry-on is in the past. Now the “don’t forget list” we created before our trip consists of: bottles, snacks, clothes, toys, play mat, swimming gear, pool gear, towels, pampers & wipes.

People think when you have a baby you are “settling” down, and that things start to slow down. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, life is moving so fast like a Mack truck hauling a super heavy load.

Here we go . . . do we have Gentle Giraffe, Sophie, Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Lamie, Twinkle Twinkle little scout, booster seat, stroller, stroller cover, car seat, car seat cover? Who the hell brings a car seat with a special cover on it?  Apparently we do because we packed like we were transporting the baby Jesus.

Now that we have the baby Jesus on board this high speed Mack truck — everything we do is a huge task from getting on the plane to getting off the plane, picking up the rental car, taking turns for bathroom visits, & dining out. Lifting, pushing, pulling, dragging, hoisting, rolling, sliding, planking, squatting, farting, dodging, ducking and weaving. One continuous cycle of schlep isms;

My wife and I are “Consciously Schlepping”; move over Gwyneth heavy load coming through.